School Partnership Opportunities

School Partnership Opportunities

We welcome the opportunity to serve your school. As our partner, you will work with an accredited, independent, private online school, not just a curriculum provider.  

Working with us allows your school to:

  • Extend your course offerings
  • Accommodate students who are off-campus
  • Build your own virtual environment
  • Expand your digital curriculum

By partnering with us, you can offer your students:

  • US college prep high school diploma program
  • Dual-diploma program for international high school students completing their secondary education locally, who also want to earn a US High School Diploma
  • 300+ K-12 courses, including Advanced Placement (AP) and Career Technical Education courses for professional certifications
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) programs that meet WIDA and CEFR standards
  • SAT/ACT test preparation

We provide all the technology your school needs to support online learning and teaching at your school. 

  • Our LMS: Students log into the LMS to interact with their courses, teachers, and fellow students. Our LMS, from our partner Moodle, is intuitive and user-friendly. Students and teachers benefit from a rich set of online tools.

  • Our SIS: School administrators log into the SIS to register new students, handle course enrollments, communicate with instructors, and view student grades. Our SIS, from our partner Maestro, includes a wide range of administrative tools to monitor student performance.